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Journal Articles

Suppression of ventral hippocampal output impairs integrated orbitofrontal encoding of task structure
AM Wikenheiser, Y Marrero-Garcia, G Schoenbaum
Neuron. 95(5), 
1197–1207.e3. (2017)  [link]    [.pdf]

Hippocampal theta sequences reflect current goals
AM Wikenheiser, AD Redish
Nature Neuroscience. 18, 289–294. (2015)  [link]    [.pdf]

Subjective costs drive overly-patient foraging strategies on an intertemporal foraging task
AM Wikenheiser, DW Stephens, AD Redish
PNAS. 110(20): 8308-8313. (2013)  [link]    [.pdf]

The balance of forward and backward hippocampal sequences shifts across behavioral states
AM Wikenheiser, AD Redish
Hippocampus 23(1): 22-29. (2013)  [link]    [.pdf]

Changes in reward contingency modulate the trial-to-trial variability of hippocampal place cells
AM Wikenheiser, AD Redish
J. Neurophysiology 106(2): 589-98. (2011)  [link]    [.pdf]

KChIP4a regulates Kv4.2 channel trafficking through PKA phosphorylation
L Lin, W Sun, AM Wikenheiser, F Kung, DA Hoffman
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 
43(3): 315-25. (2010)  [link]    [.pdf]

Protein kinase A mediates activity-dependent Kv4.2 channel trafficking
RS Hammond, L Lin, MS Sidorov, AM Wikenheiser, DA Hoffman
Journal of Neuroscience 
28(30): 7513-7519. (2008)  [link]    [.pdf]

Chapters, Reviews, Commentary, Etc. 

Rat mPFC and M2 play a waiting game (at different timescales)
AJ Langdon, AM Wikenheiser, G Schoenbaum
Neuron 94(4): 700-702. (2017)  [link]    [.pdf]
          Commentary on Murakami et al. (2017)

Towards a theoretical role for tonic norepinephrine in the orbitofrontal cortex in facilitating flexible learning
B Sadacca, AM Wikenheiser, G Schoenbaum
Neuroscience 345: 124-129. (2017)  [link]    [.pdf]

Over the river, through the woods: cognitive maps in the hippocampus and orbitofrontal cortex
AM Wikenheiser, G Schoenbaum
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 17(8): 513-523. (2016) [link]    [.pdf]
          See cover art inspired by this article.

The state of the orbitofrontal cortex
MJ Sharpe, AM Wikenheiser, Y Niv, G Schoenbaum
Neuron 88(6): 1075-1077. (2015) [link]    [.pdf]
          Commentary on Bradfield et al. (2015)

Decoding the cognitive map: ensemble hippocampal sequences and decision making
AM Wikenheiser, AD Redish
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 32: 8-15. (2015)  [link]    [.pdf]

Hippocampal sequences and the cognitive map
AM Wikenheiser, AD Redish
A chapter in: Analysis and Modeling of Coordinated Multi-neuronal Activity Springer New York, 105-129. (2014)  [link]    [.pdf]

Hippocampal sequences link past, present, and future
AM Wikenheiser, AD Redish
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16(7): 361-362. (2012)  [link]    [.pdf]
          Commentary on Jadhav et al. (2012)


Hippocampal contributions to value-guided foraging [.pdf]