We are currently looking for people at all levels: undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, and technicians. Email Andrew for more information!

We are committed to building an inclusive environment that allows all of our personnel to get the training they need to explore the scientific questions they are interested in. Members of groups underrepresented in science are particularly encouraged to apply!

Thanksgiving Dinner ’19 – We’re almost all looking at the camera… From left to right: Linh, Kexin, Xiaoyang, Andrew, Marissa, Noah, Ward, and Sukriti

Principal Investigator

In the ancestral corn fields of my youth...

In the ancestral corn fields of his youth…Dr. Andrew Wikenheiser, Ph.D.

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Lab Personnel

Marissa Garcia (Post-baccalaureate Researcher; Psychology with minor in Biology ’18, CSU Northridge)
Sukriti Gupta (Post-baccalaureate Researcher; Behavioral Neuroscience ’19, UBC Vancouver)

Noah Carey (Undergraduate RA; Neuroscience’21)
Kexin Yang (Undergraduate RA; Cognitive Science ’20)
Xunyi Gao (Undergraduate RA; Psychology & Statistics ’21)
Xiaoyang Chi (Undergraduate RA; Cognitive Science & Mathematics ’21)
Linh Vo (Undergraduate RA; Biology ’23)
Desmond Anderson (Undergraduate RA)


Lab Affiliates

Lauren Mueller, M.S. (Visiting graduate student from NIDA IRP; Summer 2019)
Dr. Katrina Schrode, Ph.D. (Machine learning consultant; Charles Drew University)


Lab Alumni

Jenny Chen (Summer undergraduate researcher, Berkley)
Xunyi Gao (Undergraduate RA; Psychology & Statistics ’21)

Ward Pettibone (Rotating PhD student; Neuroscience)